There's more to indexing than meets the eye!
Who We Are and
What We Do Better Than Anyone Else!

Principals with over 25 years of indexing experience:

Susan Holbert: Wellesley College: B.A.• Indexing trainer: Creator of How to Index training video and on-site seminar on How To Index Technical Manuals and Online Help

Pierce Butler: Harvard University.: Masters of Education. Univ. College Cork, Ireland: Masters of Engineering English professor: Bentley Univ. Textbook author & novelist   Former engineer and software analyst.

Flexible staff resources for:
  • Large jobs with tight deadlines
  • Electronic documents
  • Web pages and online Help
  • Taxonomy
We have specialities in the following areas:
  • Textbooks: el-hi and college: reading, literature, social sciences, STEM
  • Professional books: medical, financial, business, corporate manuals
  • Technical books and manuals
  • Government publications
  • Trade books: general interest, cookbooks, travel guides
  • Academic and scholarly books: science and liberal arts

Please contact us toll free at 1-877-408-7299 or Susan@TheIndexPros.com