Academic & General Interest Books


Politics, Government, & Social Science

  • Architecture of Richard Morris Hunt, University of Chicago Press
  • Before Color Prejudice, Harvard University Press
  • Britain Against Itself, W. W. Norton
  • Contemporary Political Ideologies, Little, Brown
  • Empires, Cornell University Press
  • Getting at the Core: Curricular Reform at Harvard, Harvard University Press
  • Mental Health in the Barbadian Social Order, Rutgers University Press
  • No Magic Bullet: A Social History of Venereal Disease, Oxford Univ. Press
  • Nuclear Hostages, Bernard O'Keefe, Houghton, Mifflin
  • Politics of Interpretation, University of Chicago Press
  • Popular Entertainment, Class, and Politics in Weimar Munich, Harvard University Press
  • Psychiatric Society, Columbia University Press
  • Rise and Decline of Nations, Yale University Press
  • Science and Rice in Indonesia, Oelgeschlager, Gunn & Hain
  • The Second Year, Jerome Kagan, Harvard University Press
  • Sociology of the State, University of Chicago Press
  • The Three Orders, University of Chicago Press
  • Too Hot to Handle? (nuclear waste), Yale University Press
  • Torn Between Two Lands, Harvard University Press
  • Understanding Psychology, Victory Productions
  • Unfinished War: Vietnam and the American Conscience, Beacon Press
  • Urban Cauldron, Oelgeschlager, Gunn & Hain
  • Values, Work and Commitment in Post-Vietnam America, University Press of New England
  • Women and War, Yale University Press
  • Writing in Sexual Differences, University of Chicago Press
  • Zoning Game Revisited, Oelgeschlager, Gunn & Hain​


  • The Dentist and the Empress, Houghton Mifflin
  • First Lady from Plains, Rosalynn Carter, Houghton Mifflin
  • Lives and Legends of Jacques Lacan, Columbia University Press
  • Mies van der Rohe, University of Chicago Press
  • Pascal: Adversary and Advocate, Harvard University Press
  • Women of the Four Winds, Houghton Mifflin​

There's more to indexing than meets the eye!

There's more to indexing than meets the eye!