Our Clients Say


  • I'm amazed an index of this thoroughness can be created as efficiently as Mr. Butler did.

  • Your  adaptability and responsiveness (while recovering from surgery) during  the projects' tops and starts got the job done &helped our client  resolve production issues.*

  • We appreciate your flexibility, expertise, and professionalism. Your advice was invaluable.

  • Thank  you for taking on the index on such short notice and for meeting an  extremely tight deadline. Your work was very thorough and we have found  no mistakes. 

  • This is excellent. The editors will have only a 1 day turnaround time with it. 

  • A complex and demanding project for all of us. Thanks again for rising to the challenge! *

  • It's been a pleasure working with you. Call me to discuss other projects.

* These clients sent us a gift at the end of the project 

There's more to indexing than meets the eye!

There's more to indexing than meets the eye!

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